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We were at the beach. The ocean. Her face was puffy. She’d been crying. The waves hit the shore like they hadn’t kissed the sand in years. What a great day it was to die.

I keep expecting her to smile at me or hug me or punch me in the face. Her face is beautiful. I want to bury her in the ground and lay on top of the dirt she is only six feet below. I don’t know how to tell her I love her.

I hate her. For making me feel. So alone. And so desperate. I’m not happy.

“You're not depressed, you're bored.” She wouldn’t look at me.
“You don’t know what you're doing.”
“Does anyone, really?”

I only listen to music if I like their album art. If her and I were in a band I wouldn’t listen to our music.

“Yes. I know.” I could almost taste her hair in the wind.
I didn’t look at her. “No you don’t.”
“Don’t say that. Go home.”
“I don’t want to leave you. I feel something.”
She twisted her head to look at me. “You feel lonely. You don’t like me. You like thinking about love but you aren’t actually in it.”
“Yes I am.”
“Prove it.”
“Look me in the eye. Say it to me.”

We turned to face each other. The ocean was to our left and the cliffs were to our right.
“I think I’m madly in like with you.”

That was the last time I saw her.
let's get tired by ghearradh
let's get tired
hey guys! it's been awhile, but i'll hopefully stick around this time. i hope you all remember me. anyways, i know this isn't poetry and mostly everyone follows me for my poetry, but promise i'll upload some soon! really!
i keep plant seeds
under my bed in hopes
that one day my
limbs might grow into trees
and you can climb through
the branches in your sleep.

edited so it's only the last stanza. i like it better this way.


United States
student of creative writing, film, and photography at the premier arts high school in south florida. feel free to talk to me.



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